Buying a car for your family? Here’s how to choose.

While you can afford to be frivolous and reckless while buying a car for personal use. However, buying a car for your family brings in whole new dynamics. With family, things take a more serious turn, and you are required to act with maturity and responsibility.

Moreover, a family car is special as you spend a lot of time bonding with your family in it. So, it is not just the safety and well-being of your family that is at stake, it even includes the happiness and adventure of your loved ones.

Therefore, knowing how to buy a family car is important. While there are several options to choose from, there are other factors you need to examine first before deciding which to buy for your family.

Here’s a list of most important things to consider when buying a family car:

  • Safety

There is nothing more valuable than the safety and security of your family while they are on the road. Therefore, when choosing a family car, decide on the one which has the best safety features to offer in your range.

To gather adequate information regarding the safety features of cars, check the safety ratings and statistics on popular vehicles. Read consumer reports, car reviews, and popular automobile magazines. You can also check out car advertisement sites..

Some of the essential safety features of a car include:


Look for curtain, knee, front, side, and even overhead airbags (if they’re available)

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS gives you maximum control over the steering wheel (and the vehicle) even under heavy braking conditions.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

It corrects the car’s direction by sensing when the vehicle is going out of control.

Reverse parking sensors

This feature senses when there is something behind the car, and gives an audible sound to alert the driver.

Seat belts

Look for 3-point seatbelts and child-friendly seatbelts. Make sure that there are seatbelts on the backseat as well.

Door and window locks

This is an essential feature to have if you are driving with your kids.


When you travel with your family, you are bound to have luggage load. Therefore, look for a car that offers enough luggage space.

Fortunately, some of the new cars to be launched in India offer backseat and door pockets. There are also front and/or rear drink holders which come handy when you’re eating food inside the car.

  • Car size

The size of your car should complement the size of your family. Therefore, while you need to buy a larger car like SUV if you have a big family, a hatchback would be the ideal choice for a family of 4-5 people.

Further, if you have people with special needs in your family, then you should opt for cars with wide or sliding doors. You also need to make sure that you have enough garage and driveway space for your car.

  • Location

Location is an important consideration while choosing a car for your family.

For instance, if it rains frequently in your area, choose cars which have powerful wipers and headlights that can give you good visibility. If your family is into taking trips to rugged terrains, then choose the comfort features of the car very carefully.

  • Budget

While everybody loves owning a swanky vehicle, a car should never be allowed to become your liability. Make sure that your family’s necessities don’t get sacrificed for your dream car.

Make sure that you buy a car that fits into your budget. While getting a loan for your car is completely fine, it should not add to your tensions. Remember, a car is to be celebrated with your family and should bring happiness in your life.

  • Preferences

Like everything else in life, people have varied preferences in cars too. While some people are obsessed with cleanliness, others look for comfort and convenience. When buying a car for your family, you should give due consideration to the primary concerns of your family members.

If cleanliness is your number 1 priority, then choose dark colours for your car seats. Dark colours are advisable as stains don’t show too easily on them. Further, opt for leather seats as they are easier to clean s compared to the fabric seats.

If convenience is important to you, then go for automatic transmission vehicles that offer keyless entry, automatic locks, one push buttons etc.

Now that we have listed the essentials of a family car for you, go and get the perfect vehicle for your family.

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