LED Headlights : Most important part of the car

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Headlights are the most important part of the car for visibility purposes, most especially at night time. They are a car’s primary means of illumination and can also signal the presence of a vehicle to on-coming traffic.

Most cars will have a basic version of incandescent or halogen headlights but another option for vehicle owners is the LED headlight. LED headlights are a brighter and more economical option than the more common halogen ones. Since halogen bulbs eventually start to dim, they have a shorter lifespan and can require replacements that increase costs. LED headlights on the other hand are much more durable, are impervious to vibrations and consume lesser energy, making your battery life longer.

The faster “turning on” time and higher intensity plus not tending to heat up also make LED headlights a safer option than regular ones. They can be especially useful during foggy or overcast weather or a particularly dark patch of road.

Another option for vehicle owners is Xenon headlights which are also very bright, but they require a longer warm-up time and can be a little too bright – even to the point of blinding on-coming traffic. Xenon lights can also require replacement more frequently than an LED headlight would, which does not make it cost effective.

LED headlights are also, of course, much cooler in terms of design. The smaller bulbs can be grouped together in patterns to create a unique look. Headlights are actually some of the most visible and attractive features and car models have been known to even be identifiable by a certain headlight design. For car owners who love to upgrade accessories and customize their cars, LED headlights are usually a first preference.

Car accessory manufacturers now sell LED headlight conversion kits for a fast and easy upgrade, which can be done by a mechanic or even by the car-owners themselves. The best LED headlights will depend on the car’s plug style and assembly. Factors that can be considered or compared while choosing the best LED headlights for your car will include the light quality and output intensity, the power supply, cooling system and the overall lifespan of the LED headlight. If the car is expected to be driven in an area with rain it would also be great to ensure that the headlight is waterproof.

Overall, LED headlights are the best choice in terms of cost efficiency, light intensity, durability and style for any vehicle owner.

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