The Top Cars To Consider This Year

The world of cars is not the most dynamic thing in the world. We do not get many disruptions or innovations on an yearly basis. Unlike the world of electronics, where we see new smartphone breakthroughs every year, we get new car generations every five years or so.

But should you wait on purchasing a car because of that? Or should you call your preferred auto transport service and arrange a pickup for that nice ride you’ve been eyeing for a while? Well, it depends. You have to know that different manufacturers release their vehicles at different times. So you may have a new generation from one car maker, while another still pushes the older one.

Additionally, new gen vehicles are not necessarily better. We have seen trends with facelifts and new additions to the yearly car refreshes that every manufacturer does. Sometimes these bring the benefits of the next gen with them, and all that the new vehicle gets you is an updated aesthetic.

But let’s go beyond that and take a look at some vehicles that are actually worth it. Forget about the last gent – next gen nonsense. Think about what is good here and now. Let’s check it out!

For The Budget-minded Professional

If you need a car that is both presentable, but also affordable, you have to look at Ford Edge. First of all, it is an SUV, which is a good sign. While it is not an off-roader per se, SUVs are perceived as more professional. That means you will not have a problem with your presentation at all.

Additionally, Ford are known for their rather conservative aesthetic, which also works well for business. The Edge in particular is famous for providing a rather comfortable ride, making it a good choice for those of you that are stuck in traffic for quite a while each day.

The Eco-friendly Choice

There are more and more green vehicles on the market, and each one seems more appealing than the other. Still, a good all-rounder is Chevrolet Bolt. It is not a luxury car by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn’t make it bad. Yes, you may not get the prettiest ride in town, but it gets you plenty of efficiency, a lot of comfort, and excellent utility. It can even be a family car if you want it!

Luxury, Style and Class

Here is the thing – sometimes you need a car that speaks for itself. It is not always about efficiency, cheap add-ons, and flashy colors. Sometimes it is about the muted style of the German luxuries we have grown to love.

If you are looking for a car that is a nice blend of luxury and sport, Audi A4 is the pick for you. In terms of price and size it does not go as high as an A6 or A8, but it still delivers an amazing experience. With the attention to detail, the slick aesthetic and the feel of the engine when you push that pedal you really can’t go wrong with Audi.

What do you think about our picks? Do you have your own favorite model this year?

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About the Author: Donald Phillips