Tips to Know When Buying Used Cars in Fresno, California


If you are thinking about buying a car, you need to consider a lot of things. Every car enthusiast know that it can be very confusing to know what you need to look for or where you need to start. In this article, we will discuss the best advice you need for buying a used cars in Fresno or anywhere in California. We will give you the best information possible to get the best deal and the best car that will suit you, and you love.

Check all the essential documents.

You need to get the history report of the vehicle you are planning to buy. It is the first step in checking whether the car is good or not. It will tell you whether you are chasing a good car or a dead one. The best way to get the information you need is to check Carfax, a go-to resource website for checking the history report of the vehicle. All you need is the vehicle identification number or the VIN. In some cases, all you need to get the history report is the vehicle’s plate number.

Test drive the vehicle

It is one of the most crucial steps whether you are buying a brand-new car or a used one. You need to check every little detail of the car, the lights that come on, the visibility of the vehicle, and check all the weird smells coming from the car. You also need to evaluate the following:

Tires: Are the tires, old? Are they even? Is the thread of the tire good? Does the car have spare tires?

Brakes: Are the breaks, making weird noises when used? Is it smooth when step on?

Do all the lights work?

Do the windows, doors and the trunk close and open properly?

Check the sound of the engine when turned on

When test driving the vehicle, you need to feel, hear and smell the car. Drive through smooth road, rough road and be alert for weird noises and vibrations underneath. Stop and start the car with varying speed. Turn the car left and right at different speeds.

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Have the car inspected by a mechanic

If you have a trusted mechanic, have them inspect the car you are planning to buy. If you are buying from a car dealership and they won’t allow you to bring the car to a shop for a thorough check-up, find a mobile diagnostic service that is willing to come to you in the dealership for the inspection. Most CPO cars have a warranty and inspection in place.

Know the price options

Prices of the car differ depending on where you bought the car. A private-seller car usually cost a lot cheaper, while CPO or Certified Pre-Owned cars are much expensive. The reason is CPO cars have extended warranties that are backed by car manufacturers, not just the shop. If you are planning to buy CPO vehicles, you can only do that at a franchised dealership.

Dealerships or Private-seller?

Buying cars from a private-seller or the dealerships have its pros and cons. If you are buying from a private seller, you can get a better bargain and maybe get a little discount. The problem is, you will not get any warranties, and getting a refund is almost impossible.

If you buy your car from the dealership, it will be a little expensive, but dealerships are required by law to give a guarantee for every car that is purchased in their stores, for a short period. It serves as a safety net for car buyers in case something goes wrong with the car they bought.

Not only that, car dealerships will help you get insurance for your car, help compute the taxes you need to pay and help you register your car. But it still depends on what the buyer’s preference. Some buyers want to get cheaper cars at the expense of guarantees, and there are some who want to get the value for their money.

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Tips when buying from a dealer

Before you decide to buy from a dealership, you need to know the market price of the car you want to buy. When you are bidding, you want to start way below the market price and work up. Don’t get excited by the sales and the deals that boast a few thousand dollars off of the market price.

You also need to draw a line on what the maximum amount you want to pay for a car. It will allow you to walk away when you the negotiating is way above your maximum threshold. Always remember that everything relies on your negotiating skills.

It means you should not haggle on the price of the car alone. You need to consider loan packages, insurance, warranties, and anti-theft devices. According to California state law, if the vehicle costs less than $40,000, you are required to buy an insurance policy that lets you return the car within two days.

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